Doodle with Nature

Doodle with Nature

Walk around your house/backyard, quickly grab a piece of nature and start creating from the pieces you gathered. 

You'll need:

  1. Found leaves/petals/twig
  2. Pen/paintbrushes
  3. Paints
  4. Drawing papers


1. Gather some fallen leaves, twigs, petals. 

2. You may paint some patterns on the leaves. 

3. Create a collage/drawing from what you've collected. 

Explore Further:

Look up for artists who create with nature and observe the types of materials they use and how they arrange them.

1. Andy Goldsworthy - A British sculptor who creates site-specific sculptures and land art

andy-goldsworthy-3-Medium-1024x768.jpegArtworks by Andy Goldsworthy

Ask your child:

1. What did you see? 

2. What did the artist use?

3. How did the artist construct them? Are they arranged according to shapes, or colours, tones? 

4. What are the elements and principles of design applied here? Such as symmetry, repetition. 

5. Can you create something based on the elements and principles of design learnt?

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