Father's Day Edition - DIY Thermochromic Cup

Father's Day Edition - DIY Thermochromic Cup

Surprise your dad with this colour-changing cup and explore with thermochromic pigment!

This experiment is included in "The Heat is On" art and science box. 

You'll need (from our crate):

  1. White ceramic cup 
  2. Thermochromic pigments 
  3. White acrylic paints
  4. Paintbrushes 
  5. Paint tubes

From home: 

  1. Working tray
  2. Glass cup (additional cup for experiment)
  3. Water cup and cloth (to clean your paintbrushes)


Warning: Do not go too near to the thermochromic pigments. Avoid inhaling or consuming. Wash your hand when needed. 


1. Pour some of the thermochromic pigment into the paint tubes accordingly. 


2. Squeeze in some white acrylic paints. For a lighter-tone paint, squeeze more of the white acrylic paint or adjust when needed. 


3. Use your paintbrushes to gently mix in the pigments and white paint together in each tub until they are evenly blended.


4. Paint your design/text on. Write a love message to your dad. Apply the first layer and wait till it dries up completely. You may paint a second layer on for an opaque finishing. 


**Adult involvement required for the next step.

5. Pour hot water into the cup and see how the colour changes. 


6. Leave the cups to dry, and the colours will change back when it cools down completely. 

What a way to learn about the concept of heat and heat-sensitive paints!

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDgKJvSsvoQ

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