Have you been on a cable car ride? How can you pass a message or something along with just a string? 

Construct a gondola and experiment with the direction and speed of pulling. Add in some fun by writing messages and pass it to someone opposite you.  

You'll need:

  1. Drawing paper (to fit inside the ziploc bag)
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil/marker
  4. ziploc bag
  5. Clothespin/clip
  6. Chairs x2
  7. Yarn/thin rope
  8. Other materials (toys etc)

gondola materials.JPG


1. Place two chairs back to back, adjust the distance in-between however long/short you may want your gondola stations to be.

gondola 1.JPG

2. Cut a piece of string long enough to loop around the legs of the chairs. Make sure it's taut and not loose and sagging. 


3. You may place anything inside your ziploc bag, and clip your ziploc bag onto the string with your clothespin. 


And it's done! 

Pass something to your friend opposite you and have them write something back in return. 

Maybe something that you wish to tell the person but you rather not say it out loud.

Have fun!

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