Water Siphon 倒吸喷泉

Water Siphon 倒吸喷泉

You'll need:

  • 吸管 Bendable straws
  • 瓶塞 Thick foam
  • 软管 Plastic tubes
  • 烧杯/容器 Beaker/Containers
  • 瓶子 Bottle
  • 布丁杯 Pudding cups
  • 色素 Food Colouring (optional)
  • 针筒 Syringe

Water Siphon Materials.jpg

步骤 Steps:

1. 吸管插入瓶塞2个小孔 Insert 2 bendable straws through the hole on the thick foam

Water Siphon Step 1.jpg

2. 连接吸管和软管。右边软管出口要低于左边软管出口 Connect the straws with the tube. Making sure that the right straw is lower than the left. 

Water Siphon Step 2.jpg

3. 各倒入150ml水并加入色素 Pour 150ml each into the tall bottle and the beaker, add in food colouring for better viewing.

Water Siphon Step 3.jpg

4. 瓶口塞进瓶口塞 Seal the opening of the bottle with the thick foam.

Water Siphon Step 4.jpg

5. 垫高烧杯,摆好空杯 Place the beaker at a higher position. Place the pudding cup on the other side of the tall bottle. 

Water Siphon Step 5.jpg

6. 用针筒抽水后将软管放进空杯中 Pull on the plunger. Once water starts to flow down, pull out the tube and leave it inside the pudding cup. 

Water Siphon Step 6.jpg

Water Siphon Result.jpg


Air pressure pushes down on water, and it stays in a vacuum state without going anywhere else in the bottle. Pulling on the plunger gives the air a way out, causing the water to rush into the tube and flows down into the lower cup. 

Once the water level in the tall bottle drops, the air pressure above it becomes lesser, pulling in the air from the beaker, hence the water flows up from the beaker down into the bottle. The amount of water flowing out from the tall bottle is the same as the amount of water flowing into the bottle, creating an unbroken chain of water flow. The water siphon will stop when all of the water from the beaker has dropped into the tall bottle, and the water level in the tall bottle reduces significantly. 

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